Surviving Blighted Blighty: A View From Sunny Spain

Having spent the past week in sunny Seville with my choir, the Highgate Choral Society, singing in amazing churches and breathtaking Cathedrals, one thing became very clear:  we were all thoroughly relieved to be away from the terrible tumult of UK life. Over tapas we...

Surviving a National Crisis

‘Crisis?’  ‘What Crisis?’ Many of us might be in denial, right now, that we are in a national crisis.  But we are. When things get this tough, it is tempting to take recourse to Netflix (a telly version of hiding under the duvet).  And really hiding under the duvet,...

Have You Got Bad News-itis?

You are checking your phone, browsing news websites, flicking on the TV or Radio, glancing at news-stands compulsively, wary of what bad news is coming next.

We’re All Screenagers Now

How often do you look at a screen every day? How many screens do you look at? Do you sit down with the family to watch TV any more?

Be Mindful In Everyday Life

I was amused to see the new Ladybird book series for adults takes a wry look at our current passion for Mindfulness.

Are You A People Pleaser?

When I wrote How to Say NO: Kick the Disease to Please (Hodder) I had no idea I would become a bestselling author in Saudi Arabia and Armenia.

Sixty Years of Nursing Life

I first met the wonderful Mary Hazard when she took blood out of my arm at my local GP’s. She was brisk and business-like, but had a fantastic…

‘I want it and I want it now! – Corinne Sweet – The Independent Review – Monday 6, January 2003 – We all want our children to have the best in life. But if we can’t learn to say ‘no’ to them, are we really doing them any favours? CORINNE SWEET argues the need for firm but fair boundaries.

I confess. I can find it hard to say “no” to my six-year-old, especially when she throws me a winsome smile with an eyelash fluttering; “Pleeese.” Indeed, my dear mother-in-law chortled at my writing this article, as she has seen me skirt round the dreaded N-word on...

Is stricter really better? – Corinne Sweet – The Independent Review Monday 14 April 2003 – Discipline is a dirty word to many of today’s baby-boomer parents. So are we raising a generation of antisocial slackers? Far from it, argues CORINNE SWEET

I’m a slack mum, I’ll confess. My “spit spot” friends have their kids fed, bathed, storied and tucked up by 7.30 every night. Meanwhile, my six-year-old daughter might be prancing round the living room like a pop star, or lapping milk from a bowl like a cat until we...

Life (with a baby) can begin at 40 – Corinne Sweet Independent, 2001 – Should women fear having babies in their forties? Is it unfair on the child? Corinne Sweet, who became a first-time mother at 43, explains why the myths of late motherhood need to be challenged

I never wanted children, so I went to the doctor at 21 and asked to be sterilised. She briskly sent me away to “think about it”, and life took over. Thank goodness I never went back, because, at the age of 43, I had my one and only, wonderful child. Something I thank...